Sunday, August 15, 2010

Personal Goals for Reading Literature

In order to maintain the learning momentum started this summer, and to keep my brain muscles working out, I am going to read and interpret a variety of books with the intent of summarizing their impact on Music Education, moving through chapters and topics synthesizing what Music Educators can infer from the reading. I've put together a list of books from my shelf, some new and some I will be revisiting. They are:

"Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching" ~ Campbell, Thompson, Barrett

"Sound Ways of Knowing" ~ Barrett, McCoy, Veblen

"On Musicality and Milestones" ~ Zimmerman, Campbell

"A Philosophy of Music Education, Advancing the Vision, 3rd Edition" ~ Reimer

"Transforming Music Education" ~ Jorgensen

"In Search of Education - The Case for Constructivist Classrooms" ~ JG Brooks, MG Brooks

"Frames of Mind" ~ Howard Gardner

"5 Minds for the Future" ~ Howard Gardner

"Psychology of Music" ~ Seashore

"The Inner Game of Music" ~ Green, Gallwey

There may be more added, but this is the tentative list. This blog will be used to record reactions, wonderments, inferences, and impacts gleaned from the reading.

Stay tuned!


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