Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update May 2012

Well, this has been an interesting year.  Needless to say I never got to post any thoughts or ideas regarding music education books/writings.  I had every intention, but roundabout November, my focus turned to survival mode.  I felt a strange kindred to Katniss's plight; the feeling of being in a fight to the death/odds against you environment/the current everyday classroom...

I love challenges; working on problems and finding solutions, and as a student (and thus far as a teacher), I find the answers, or at least viable solutions.  Yet I now find myself unable to reconcile my current situation.  Every day I fight to bury the rising cynicism, seeing the person I will become if I don't change now.  I am heading down a dangerous path that ends in a half-lived and overworked life.  Never once have I questioned my desire to teach...but I am not who I want to be, and that will change, starting today.